one who sells illegal drugs. society tends to have sympathy for them because many of them had a "tough upbringing" although anyone with half a brain would realize that they are destroying more families and creating more "tough upbringings" by doing what they do. Hollywood and the music industry glamorizes this life style with stupid movies and music such as 50 cent and the g-unit. all in all, no matter how hard their childhood was or how badly they need money these individuals deserve one of two things. To rot in a cell for the remainder of their retched lives or to be in an unmarked grave.
a drug dealer sold crack-cocaine to my mother when I was a little. now she is no longer my mother, just another junkie turning tricks south of the bronx.
by god's will November 20, 2007
White trash fuckos who rent the house across the street from you, turn it into a drug house, trash up the neighborhood, have their dumbass addict customers come all hours of the day and night, whine on their cell phones about their inability to get food stamps and leave nasty stained mattresses laying by the side of the road. They ask nosy questions about who owns what houses, case out houses to rip off and generally make decent people afraid to go about their daily lives.
I will cheer the day the popo comes and hauls these drug dealer assholes away.
by fait accompli August 26, 2006
a guy who will use you for sex after first doping you up and then making you pay for it. His only friends are drug dealers.

see Asshole
The drug dealer sold the weed to Tesla, fucked her, and then left her.
by lnorennny December 13, 2005
A true bottom-feeder and a criminal. Equivalent in stature to a child molester. A person who profits off of other people's sufferings. A drug dealer won't sell it to his mom. He won't sell it to his sister. But, he'l sell it to his friends out on the street.
Drug dealers, on average, only manage to keep selling for 2-3 years before they are either arrested, murdered, or quit.
by Walking Tall April 16, 2007
a mother fucking piece of shit that thinks he owns the world, giving dope to prostitutes, preps, jocks, cheapskates, and losers.
steven is a drug dealer and he dosen't do drugs because he thinks people that do them have addictive personalities, well fuck you steve, you dumb fuck re-avaluate your position in life because some day your going to get jailed you crumby low life bastard, keep on pushing drugs and because you probably have no heart you will be found dead on the streets some day
by thc free bitch January 13, 2005

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