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N. Upon allowing a drug dealer to borrow one’s phone for five minuets, the three day borage of text messages received, informing owner of phone the current drug prices in a spam-like fashion, boasting deals like fire mids for 110 all day, qp for 400. I can get u dat for 375 now. Yo yo yo man 300 im desperate, 9 pills of e only 60, going to prison sale, everything must go.

"tell that heroin addict to stop drug spamming me, i dont need any candy flip is."

"I'm never letting sneedles use my phone again, i got like five text messages when i was sleeping from a bunch of crack heads."

"Sneedles you piece of shit i keep getting drug spam every time you touch my phone."

"Get a real phone so i stop getting drug spam you sneedlely piece of shit."
by sneedle beast December 03, 2007
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