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Someone who carries drugs across the borders by consuming the drugs.
"I've got a drug mule getting me some shit from up north."
#drugs #dealers #mules #dope #donaldson
by Chris from Canada April 08, 2006
A person who carries drugs by consuming them.

This is done usually with a balloon, condom, latex glove, etc. tablets of coke and heroin and then put into the balloon.

This is very dangerous for the carrier because the balloon could pop inside the person, resulting in death.
There was a drug mule on the plane, ten grams of pure cocaine exploded in his stomach resulting in seizures and death.
#cocaine #drug mule #drugs #heroin #ecstasy
by queefist August 09, 2008
Dispensing with a used condom inside your sexual partner.
I fell asleep after sex without disengaging and Drug Mule'd my gf.
#cherry bomb #sex bomb #condom #sperm #jizz
by theLaneyG April 07, 2009
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