Verb-1. To defecate. Can also be shortened to "dimes". 2. The need to defecate in a hurry. Usually there is a small window from when this phrase is uttered to the act of defecating.
Mark-"I really need to drop dimes!"
Anne-"Don't worry, I'm pulling into the nearest rest area."
Mark-"I hope it's close...dimes, honey, dimes!"
by geniusH August 05, 2006
Top Definition
dime out; to rat out somebody
"I pity the sorry-ass s.o.b. who dropped dime on Luger."
by westman November 08, 2003
Drop dime means to rat someone out, or reveal information, in any situation. It derived from late 1960's and 70's South, where there were 33 fires a day at one point, and crime was the highest it ever was. Thus, many people would rat to save thier own ass, and they'd use a dime because that's what it cost.
Yo man, somebody dropped dime on me. My probation officer know about my bid'ness.
by Joe Leffe December 04, 2003
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