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Drop Dead,Gorgeous is an amazing Screamo/Metal/hXc band from Denver Colorado.
Some of their influences include:
Norma Jean
The Bled
Fear Before the March of Flames

Amazing music and lyrics.
Person: Dude, wanna go see Drop Dead, Gorgeous tonight ?
Other person: FUCK YES.
by Cessaley July 14, 2006
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I love this band and you should love them too.

Danny (Stills)- Vox/Serenade
Aaron - Keys/Voice
Kyle - Guitar/Throat
Jake - Bass/Triangle
Danny (Cooper) - Drums
Dan - Guitar
listen to Drop Dead, Gorgeous
by music1. August 11, 2006
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one of the most sickbiscuit bands ever, like the orgasm of the music world
drop dead, gorgeous sounds so good i busted some bone sauce, then started moshing some more
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Tbh, the most amazing band in the world. Ever.
by johnjohnn September 24, 2007
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