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Vomiting while kneeling and holding onto the rim of the toilet. So called because it resembles grasping the large horizontal steering wheel of a bus.
Last night after eight beers and an Irish coffee I spent an hour in the bathroom driving the bus.
by Albin Pahernik August 30, 2005
10 3
To unintentionally drive a common route. To turn on the mental autopilot and arrive toward a location other than your desired destination. For example, if you set out to drive to the store, but after a few minutes find that you are halfway to your place of work.
If I'm not careful, I end up driving the bus to work on Saturday mornings.
by Don G July 25, 2005
72 45
To throw up into a toilet, with a death grip on the toilet seat at the 9 and 3 position as if it were the steering wheel of a bus. Most commonly done after drinking excessively.
Hey, what happened to Vinnie?
He had a few too many brews and is in the can driving the bus.
by Cliffie September 05, 2005
28 8
Holding onto the toilet bowl while vomiting. Also known as "driving the porcelain bus".
Ernie ended up driving the bus at the keg party. I drove the porcelain bus all night.
by garb agio August 30, 2005
16 6
When having sex doggystyle, the male inserts a thumb in the anus and turns his hand to resemble making a turn while driving a bus.
while doing doogy she says "Ohh yea drive me home", so you lick your thumb, inert in butthole and turn to stimulate. You re then "driving the bus"
by Jrock c January 13, 2009
12 4
The act of having sex doggie-style, where the man's hand is resting on the female's lower back or upper rear-end. The combination of the two often results in a motion which resembles using the large steering wheel on a school bus.
Hey Dale, were you driving the bus last night or did you just go missionary the whole way?
by Butt Masterson February 13, 2009
8 2
To vomit kneeling in front of the bowl of a toilette. Because you are holding the bowl with your hands, it looks like you are driving a bus.
Oh my gosh, Mary-Jane was driving the bus last night!
by Doppelstern April 08, 2009
2 0