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someone who drives 2 miles an hour down a road and doesnt pull over to let you pass.they are brake happy.could be boy or girl
look at driving miss daisy in front of us. he should gas up
by yeah id say my name May 09, 2006
Driving in a car with two people, but instead of the passenger riding shotgun, they are sitting in the back seat. Refers to the film "Driving Miss Daisy". May or may not involve the person in the back seat getting high.
Why was your friend sitting in the back seat? Oh, he wanted to go driving miss daisy style.
by smashmole June 30, 2009
driving with the white lady in the car. riding dirty with a quantity of cocaine in the vehicle.
I hope the cops don't pull me over because I'm driving miss daisy.
by jackmosley April 27, 2009
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