"Bots dots" are raised plastic reflective bubbles that are placed on the top and bottom of the white and yellow road stripes, named after the chemist who designed them and found mainly in California. Driving over them results in a thudding that keeps you in lane. Driving by Braille, or "Braille Driving" is when someone is so drunk they navigate by the sound and vibration alone - or worse, lean out the window and feel their way along the road to find their way.
"George Bush was so drunk when he was pulled over, he must have been driving by Braille with one hand on the wheel and one on the road."
by I have an answer for everything December 19, 2004
Top Definition
To drive on the reflectors in the middle of the road.
Dude! Pick a line! You're driving by braille!
by yummybubbles December 21, 2004
Driving drunk or tired until you hit the rumble strip, dirt, bushes, and or small child on the side of the road, then instinctively pull back into your respective lane.
I was so drunk after the party i had to drive by braille to get home.
by Jeff December 20, 2004
A term used in states where there is no snowfall and therefore there are small bumps or reflectors placed on the road generally on lane lines. Because of this drivers can "drive by braille" by just swerving the other way once they hit these bumps. This is quite convenient when trying to sleep while driving.
Man, it's so foggy all I'm just driving by braille.
by Fillmore Slim December 24, 2004
when driving a car, swerving out of one's lane ever so slightly in such a way as to drive over the bumpy reflectors in the road.
I was falling asleep at the wheel, but the noise woke me up when I started driving by braille.
by steviejoe818 December 21, 2004
usually results in bodily injury.

also see accident
yo that fucker tried to drive by braille but ended up with his face in the lightpost.
by Mr. Magoo December 16, 2004
means that you are not a good driver, perhaps blind when it comes to seeing other cars...
You almost just hit that lady! Are you driving by braille or something?
by Liz December 24, 2004
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