To meet up with someone just for sex.
"I went out last night and ended up having a drink"
by and_chick January 20, 2008
adj. - modifier of a noun, expressing extreme positive quality.
"That junt is drink!!!"
by Joe Sherrod October 02, 2004
any ocean or body of water.
all my friends were on the other side of the drink.
by Lo June 26, 2005
A word who's meaning is similar to that of the words; fruit tart,fruit cake.

1 - A person acting irresponsibly or awkwardly.

2 - A fool.

3 - A pervert or harasser; someone who harasses people sexually or in another way.

*Commonly said among friends*
1 - You're such a drink.

2 - You actually think that drink is gonna steal that car?

3 - Don't touch me you drink.
by Nick Wagner February 05, 2008
A teen club in houston which teens get to have fun and dance.
More like a RAVE for teens
Cain: Yu qoinq to drinks?
Alyssa: Hell Yeah!
by CAiNSTUHhh August 17, 2009
Heidi scenekid. Heidid. H-Dizzle.
Io: This is my friend Heidi, we call her drink.

'nuff said.
by babacool April 14, 2007
to make one see other worlds
i drank last night. Did you see?
by jerk October 02, 2003
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