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not neccesairily a breakcore or gabba based genre- more often used to describe the style of beat arrangements commonly used in IDM.
in this case, it is typically drum n bass beats which have been chopped up, rearranged and tweaked untill it resembles something like breakcore.
squarepusher is the biggest pioneer of drill n bass, with aphex twin being the biggest pioneer of IDM (see the differences?) - venetian snares, is drill n bass approaching breakcore
by idironsoundtrack.tk December 12, 2004
Another term for breakcore... Jesus, does it really need two titles?
Check out Toe Cutter, Shitmat, Sickboy etc.

"Checked the drill and bass gig last night because I am a f*^ked up mung bean... my f*ckin eyes were staring straight at my frontal lobe... drugged up and dribbling."
by breakcore is the future October 21, 2004