Drew is a girl who is caring. She is a beautiful lady. She is very athletic and play as much sports as she can. She is a very good friend and will always be there for you. She can be a bitch so you better not mess with her. You are rude to her, she give it 10x worse back. She would do anything for her crush. She is crazy always ready for fun. Also many don't like her because she is cocky at times, but if anyone really got to know her they would love her.
Boy: Man Drew is pretty and funny! I wish she wasn't taken!
by ihaveNOideaMAAM December 28, 2012
A weird guy who always mispronounces things. A common example is pronouncing broccoli like broc•ol•eye. If seen in the wild, fart on his face to humiliate and distract him.
No, just don't go there. You don't want me to call you a drew.
by Wolf lion fine. July 08, 2016
The hottest guy you will ever see. Always makes smile no matter what and says the cutest things CONSTANTLY. No matter how sad or frustrated he is, he will always be there to help YOUR needs and well being. Drew's have amazing bodies and a great sense of humor. I would be beyond lucky to have him as mine.
"Drew is so hot"
"I wish I was that good at baseball like Drew"
by pumkinpieisnasty July 20, 2016
a man who can frequently be found tossing the salad of other men. He can also be found wearing what he calls an "ass-eating hat" while doing these deplorable acts.
Drew went to the local prison for his monthly check up.
by tossedsalad908543 May 05, 2016
Drew can be a girls name and in fact Drew is very outgoing and feminine she loves a good night out although can be shy. She has a big heart and always knows how to cheer you up. Sexual when she finds the man for her but she's not an easy catch.
by juplop March 25, 2014
The best person usually has orange hair,is really smart, and is the better point gaurd
That guy is like a drew
by DoubleD713 April 19, 2016
At first glance, Drew may seem attractive, almost alluring, but really it's just the mystery behind his awkward, lanky physique. Drews have a strange sense of humor that only Drews (and maybe their mothers) understand. Drew is lazy, typically unintelligent, and usually bad in bed. Out of all the male names, Drews are most likely to finish too fast, followed by a measly and sniveling "sorry."

Proceed with caution.
Person 1: "Who's that guy, he's kind of cute."
Person 2: "Maybe, but look at the way he's running down the hallway, flailing his arms. He's probably a Drew."
by Coffeebean34orsomethingIdk March 07, 2016
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