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Definition: The clitoris of a jewish girl

Background: Common slang.

Example: Did you play with her dreidel?
Did you play with her dreidel?
by TW December 10, 2004
In gay slang, a Jewish top.
Arie gave it to me rough last night. He's such a dreidel.
by bowiegeek June 25, 2007
A toy similar to a spinning top used in games of chance played by children and adults at Hanukkah.
hey i got dreidel on hanukkah.
by snehal p August 07, 2004
A drink from Juice Stop, which sounds a lot like Jew's Top.
Hey, bro, wanna go get a dreidel?" "Yeah, I'm pretty thirsty.
by Mark Mero April 12, 2011
Slang for the tip of the cock.
Let's plat spin the dreidel. When I say spin, I mean "suck" and when I say dreidel, I mean "cock"
by fistfamily December 10, 2004