Someone who tells you that you won't ever be able to do something.
Even though I'm not able to go to the I'm Still Music Tour by Lil' Wayne, I still like to hope that I can.
Victoria: You'll never go to his concert.
Ell: Fuck. You. Dreamcrusher. I don't do that to you.
by Samieee February 16, 2011
Top Definition
when you get someones hopes up and then quickly let them down.
mark was told he could go but then eric said u can't therfore mark had a dream crusher
by centrios July 02, 2006
When someone doesnt like ur dream
by annalala August 05, 2009
When some gets your hopes up only for them to publically broken and humilatied.
Scott, the dream crusher, told the youth they had a chance against the staff team.
by #trueword January 30, 2015
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