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a girl who dreams about having sex and giving head but never does these things in real life
i dreamed i fucked him!!!
u dream whore!
by rochelle13317 October 16, 2006
When the woman you are married to is the nastiest dirtiest woman you have ever been with and you love it!
OMG, that was incredible!! Where did you learn to do that?? OMG you are my dreamwhore!!
by Micheal S King February 09, 2009
Someone who steals another's dreams in a whoring way.

Someone who is a slut or whore in the dream realm.
"We always have the same dreams, cristina you're such a dream whore!"

"Josh is sex all you think about?, you probably whore yourself in your dreams too eh? Dream whore!"
by Scarlet & Lil Nicky. April 06, 2008

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