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The college of your dreams, basically. It is the college you have been dreaming of even before you are old enough to start even applying to college. It has everything you want in a college and it fits your personality to a T. The community at the college (professors/faculty and students) seem to be after your own heart and see things almost exactly the way you do. You would thrive on its campus and would do anything to live in the city/town it is in. The major your interested in pursuing at this particular school is everything you want in that major's curriculum, and more often than not, this college is elite/prestigious in the major you wish to apply to. Also more often than not, usually people's dream schools are highly selective in their admissions. My dream school is the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), a college of art and design located in Manhattan in New York City that is geared towards the fashion industry. The #1 dream school for high school seniors is New York University (NYU).
NYU is the #1 dream school in the country for students.
by ballerinascara July 03, 2011
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