Detroit Rockers Engaged in the Abolition of Disco

This was a stunt orchestrated by the Detroit, MI, hard rock radio station WRIF for see above. DREAD members pledged as follows:
"I will never wear platform shoes.
I will never wear zodiac jewelry.
I will never listen to disco records and/or disco stations.
Silk dresses and three piece suits are extremely suspect.
A violation of any of these conditions is punishable by 'THE CHAIR'."
I did have a DREAD card in my youth. (If I still had it I could have made a fortune on ebay.)
by Sonya_402 December 05, 2009
A Rastafarian. Short for "natty dread" and derived from "dreadlocks."
"Dread at the controls!"

"Dread, natty dread now. Dreadlock bongo congo I."

by Jawsy March 29, 2008
mean, cold, heartless, dark
"fuck that thats TOO dread"
by Anonymous July 27, 2003
Dread is an adjective used to describe something either really good or something really bad.
Whoa that was dread blud did u see that triple corkscrew to btwist !


oh shizzle that was dredness he dropped right on his face.
by Kaream Osman October 30, 2007
1.When you allow more than one person to engage you sexually

2. When you get a train ran on you

3. When you are gang banged
In call of duty when you are engaged by more than on person you say " oh shit I got drea'd "
by itsokheswhite May 22, 2011
Dread, when something is bad or not right
R man: Oi blud new laptop 500 unoe n fuckin murked it off alredy feel parred 2 tha max
C man:Mate ur dread
by Krazy Boii February 18, 2010
A scottish fucker who has people worshiping him for his money, also known as Dready Teddy.
Dread talks about his money, but does not give any of it out.
by jamesdavid September 29, 2007

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