Dread is an adjective used to describe something either really good or something really bad.
Whoa that was dread blud did u see that triple corkscrew to btwist !


oh shizzle that was dredness he dropped right on his face.
by Kaream Osman October 30, 2007
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dreadlocks (hair style) made popular by rastas. Got its name from the 'white mans' supposed aversion to them, hence DREAD locks.
Bob Marley's Hair (may he rest in peace)
by Ganja! July 21, 2005
nice dreads dude
by tyrell April 12, 2003
dreads are hair locked together by knots which can be usually made by backcombing the hair to make them nice and tight, dread have been around for absolutely ages, seeing as it did start with prehistoric cavemen or cavewomen because they didnt have combs to comb their hair.
Man those are some cool dreads, anyone can have absolutely awesome dreads. it doesnt matter which ethnic background you come from.
by vibrantly difulgent January 24, 2008
Bahamian slang for man or bey
mudda sick dread you see dat girl
by John Brown April 14, 2004
Popular Word, Caribean/Bahamian Roots. Showing astonishment.
"Dread...I can't belive we won..."
by Anon January 27, 2005
being dread, mean
Gerrelle: "Ugh look at the freak, what an ugly ass bitch"

Alesha: "Come on Gerrelle man, thats dread"
by BabyGal October 18, 2003
A person who sports the ever popular dreadlock hair style.
One dread may say to another, "easy dread"
by Voltan Stonkfire September 30, 2003

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