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adj. -easily excited and openly displayed feelings creating an affect

combination of dramatic and emtional
Dang, all we said was hi! Why is she so dramotional?

Don't be so dramotional, its just a cricket!
by birdkeeper May 30, 2010
To be unnecessarily dramatic in a display of emotional; eccentrically drawing overt attention to oneself while engaging in a one-on-one discussion.
After her boyfriend states that he is breaking up with her for sleeping with his friend, soon to be ex-girlfriend breaks down and starts a dramotional rant at the candle lit restaurant "You are breaking up with ME?! What have I ever done, how could you do this to ME?!"
by Daniel F. Wiley March 25, 2008
Hybrid of 'dramatic' and 'emotional'. If something is both dramatic and emotional it can be said to be dramotional.
"Did you see the documentary last night about the horse and the glue factory? So dramotional."

"I don't see why Cindy's getting all dramotional about it."

"Winning the gold medal was a very dramotional experience."
by skairkroh November 22, 2015
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