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superstar of the internet he is go to youtube and type in dramatic chipmunk to watch.
dramatic chipmunk gives the most awsome look.
by avenger12 February 13, 2009
3 9
The legendary chipmunk featured on a top college humor video clip. The chipmunk is obviously distressed and his reaction is epic. The dramatic chipmunk is actually a prarie dog, but no one seems to care. He is god. It can also be used as a noun of which to call someone.
"Don't give me that look you fucking dramatic chipmunk, go collect acorns or something."
by NeilP June 23, 2007
98 11
Over-reacting over a a minor detail. Derived from the YouTube star Dramatic Chipmunk.
Chris; I think we should see other people.
Jennifer; OMG. I can't believe this. What in the world did I do to do this. You will never.......
Chris; Dont go Dramatic Chipmunk on me.
by John D Riley November 02, 2007
25 8