Invented by Maritza, contrary to popular believe aka. mikey. Pretty much a better word than drama.
Maritza: my friend was having boy dramarama
Mikey: dramarama?
Maritza: psh, youve never heard dramarama
Maritza: it sounds so much better than drama
Mikey: haha
Mikey i've heard it! it's not like you made that phrase up.
by Maritzaaaaa January 03, 2008
Top Definition
A situation where one or more individuals choose to take a relatively benign event and turn it into a huge drama.
The result when certain individuals put effort into taking a minor happening and presenting it as though it were a big deal.
This often involves a lot of high pitched screams or expressions of outrage, the narrowing of eyes, forced tears, threats of various kinds, phone calls, email, blogging, etc..
It is not uncommon for a dramarama to become known to a vast amount of people within a very short time.
"Jan turns most events in her life into a dramarama."

"Oh gee, look at the dramarama going on in the corner!"

"Don't drag me into your current dramarama missy!"
by Eden1 June 25, 2006
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