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The Country Version:
when a huntin', fishin', snuff dippin' man's man suddenly goes all dramatic and whiny. usually in protest of something his wife or his mama says, (or both, if he and his woman are livin' at his mama's)

The City Version:
It's the look that he gets when he discovers a door ding on his Porsche.

-his shoulders sink
-he sighs heavily
-he gets moody (he may even stomp his foot a time or two)
-he gets whiny

"Hey honey, you sure are lookin' fine in those drawstring sweats and that Xtra Large T Shirt."


"Are you frickin' kiddin' me? Keep your hands offa me! It's 100 degrees outside and it's hotter than a crotch in this double wide. Tonight ain't our night."

Him: "Hoonneeyy... cummon. It's been soooo long and I'm hoorrnneeyy."

Her: "Aaah hell, don't get all DRAMANTIC on me. We can do it another time."
by Parsley Makes it Fancy June 14, 2010
The physical gestations of someone pitching an emotional fit.
Laurents' dramantics included pounding his fists on the desk as he complained about the IT departments incompetence.
by DRWillis June 24, 2007
A film genre. A romantic drama.
The 1970's movie, "Love Story" is a perfect example of a Dramantic film.
by Jake Brothers October 02, 2013
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