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someone that is addicted to drama.
have you read her blog today? she is such a dramaddict.
by earth_mother2006 November 18, 2007
1. Someone who is a drama queen.

2. Someone who could also be called a drama nerd

3. Anyone who loves being there to watch a cat fight or a break up take place.
1. She was so upset when her boyfriend dumped her. - What a dramaddict, they'd been dating for two days.

2. That dramaddict wasn't casted for any of the major parts in this year's play, but he practices his lines for three hours every night.

3. person1: There's a catfight about to start out in the hall!
person2: Really? I have to be there. I HAVE to see this!
person3: What dramaddicts. -scoff-
by Sheep, the Hamster February 18, 2007

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