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Adjective. Exemplifying something explicitly sexual or pornographic in nature, which fails to induce an erotic response. Such as one's memories of the sofa in their high school drama room.
I used to think that Britney Spears videos were hot, but now I just think they're dramacouch.
by BlindMonkeyFindsBanana May 07, 2010
A situation where a person is surrounded by drama, but does not want or have any drama.
Girl 1: Did you hear about so-and-so hooking up with what's his face? They're so gonna be in trouble when so-and-so's boyfriend finds out!

Girl 2: OMFG I did! I heard that what's his face and so-and-so broke up last night!

Guy: Get me off of this Drama Couch!!
by YesQuite December 18, 2009