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a person who constantly creates/attracts drama
Kiwi is a drama-mama.
by Anonymous April 08, 2003
One who draws conflict and negativity to themselves for attention or self grandification; usually occurs in the proximity of gay men. See mad fag hag.
My fag hag Regina is such a drama mama!
by James D Kelly July 12, 2006
A person who is overly emotional. They disturb the peace in a group of friends by always being angry, crying, laughing hysterically at things that are only worth a chuckle and telling everyone his or her problems. This person is likely bi-polar. A single best synonym for drama mama would be "angsty one." The word angst means an intense feeling of emotional strife. A drama mama fits this profile.
Quit whinning and chill you crazy drama mama!
by Battle Squid October 23, 2006
A girl, usually in her teens who always has and causes problems. She also always has to have everyones attention.
"Whenever your here all there is is drama. Your such a dramamama."
by Bobby Vel January 26, 2006
A mother of a child involved in Dramatic arts. The good side of Stage Mother.
I'm a soccer mom but also, Lord help me a Drama Mama!
by Drama Mama May 04, 2007
A Mom who is soooooo obsesed with drama, fighting and arguing that other people are raising her kids!
Extreme examples include going out stripping while druggies watch your kids!

The nasty bitch from Club Reno is a drama mama.
by sick of bitches January 21, 2008
The mother of any child whose sole purpose in life is to become a famous actor/actress in film, tv, or theater. Often, the child is already in a performing arts program at school or through outside classes such as acting, dancing, voice, etc. These mothers have drama 24/7.
I don't want to hear your complaining about not getting the part you wanted; go tell it to your dramamama!
by Annie Hernandez May 29, 2008
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