One who overexagerates everything, who makes a big deal out of nothing.
"Oh my Gosh, he knows I like him. What I am going to do. Please kill me now!"
by Caress March 29, 2005
A person who makes a big deal out of the tiniest things, mostly because they:
1. Have attitude problems
2. Cant get over things easily
3. Expect too much from people
4.Believe that everything should be done their way, and if

not done their way, will go insane
Me:"No one has stolen it, so stop shouting at me, I havent done anything to you"
Other sister:"IM TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP!" *after going into bed for 2 minutes.
Me:*oh for gods sake... drama queens.. -.-*
by MidnightDawn95 February 10, 2011
An insecure person who is overly dramatic. A whore for attention. A Curt Schilling.
Once again, aging drama queen and his wife cried to the media for attention; the very same media they always falsely claim misquoted them.
by Dooley Womack September 28, 2005
''Definition of a drama queen:
People (mostly girls - but boys play their part) who like to blow everything totally out of proportion because they either :

a) Want to seek attention
b) Have some emotional dysfunction and it's their duty to make life harder for everyone around them
c) Just simply can't get over it
d) Extremely miserable and insecure
e) All of the above
Drama queens can't keep relationships going and don't have any real friends. Majority don't realize they are a drama queen and always say 'I don't like drama in my life', yet they are the one thing in common with all of the problems around them and too damned stubborn to admit that they are wrong. Remember--STEER CLEAR AND RUN AS FAR AS YOU CAN!!!''
''I am extremely demanding and get pissed right off when I don't get my way!''

''I don't think I am a drama queen! But I talk shit about all of my friends, I am controlling, I cry when I don't get my way and I lie and make up stories so I can always appear right!''

''Fffft! Me? Drama? That is the last thing I want in my life! I am a laid-back person! (After getting into a fight with one of her friends and pointing the finger then proceeding to talk shit to everyone)

Just straight up dumb bitches that you can't save or help. They are leeches who lie, and will suck the life out of you.
by AngelicaAngelico August 19, 2011
1) A person who would often make a fuss out of every little things.

2) See Drama whore

3) See Curt Schilling

4) See 2 days before the day after tomorrow
" The death toll is expected to be in the hundreds of millions in Beaverton which only have a population of 8,000 which could be very devastating."
- Drama Queen news reporter
by Idiot-Finder2 October 22, 2005
my coworker, who incessantly gabs on and on forever about herself and the minutae of her day as if the world was about to collapse. Shut the f--- up! Nobody cares. Nobody wants to hear you talk about yourself all day and make mountains out of molehills. it's NOT that big a deal, we DON'T want to hear about it, DEAL with it, SUCK it up, SHUT UP and MOVE ON.
She turns every little occurrence dealing with herself into an hourlong story and has to tell it over and over again to everyone around as if it's the most important news of the day. She is such a drama queen.
by cyl_2008 January 07, 2008
1 A person who makes things seem worse then they really are.

2. A person who cries easily over some thing small.
1. You are being such a drama queen your legs not broke.

2.Suzy was acting like such a drama because she didn't get the car she wanted.
by Tracy N. March 15, 2007
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