Someone who turns something unimportant into a major deal. Someone who blows things way out of proportion when ever the chance is given.
"Oh my god! You copied that without giving the other person credit! That is just mean. You're horrible, don't talk to me. Im gonna go tell everyone what a cruel person you are just so they will pay attention to me and think im cool."
by Jaime December 16, 2004
Top Definition
An overly dramatic person.
Mary blows everything out of proportion! She's such a drama queen!
by Bri March 08, 2004
Someone who angsts about the littlest things, the most unlikely possibilities, and how spasses out about the most ridiculously unimportant matters.
My fucking girlfriend.
by Chuck in D.C. February 16, 2004
An annoying bitch who always feels like every insignificant problem in her day is a disaster of Hurricane Katrina proportions. Anyone who so much as gives her the time of day is in for an endless session of hearing why her boyfriend is such an asshole or how she's fat because she can't wear size 0 jeans along with an allday crying marathon.

If you value your sanity avoid these psychic vampires like the clap or you'll never have a minute's peace.
My ex girlfriend is such a drama queen.
by DennisIsEvil September 22, 2006
People (mostly girls - but boys play their part) who like to blow everything totally out of proption because they either :
a) Want to seek attention
b) Have some emotional dynsfunction and it's their duty to make life harder for everyone around them
c) Just simple can't get ove it.

These people need to realise that nobody cares about their fucking episodes or what they have to say --- life is hard enough without all the added bullshit drama on top.
Typical Drama Queen Text :

Jean "Hey Mary, what you up to ?"

Mary "Why are you talking to me, I know that you hate and and that you were talking about me ... HOW COULD YOU ?! KEEP AWAY FROM ME!!!"

Jean "Wtf ?!"
by breadcrumbz July 10, 2008
A person.. especially a girl.. who likes to stir up stuff between other people just to be the center of attention
Vonder Haars
by A Girl December 08, 2003
A girl who boo hoo's and ba ha's about all the shit in her life that's going on claiming "Too much drama" but in reality brings it all on herself.
Deana is such a fucking drama queen.
by LaDeena June 04, 2006
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