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People (mostly girls - but boys play their part) who like to blow everything totally out of proption because they either :
a) Want to seek attention
b) Have some emotional dynsfunction and it's their duty to make life harder for everyone around them
c) Just simple can't get ove it.

These people need to realise that nobody cares about their fucking episodes or what they have to say --- life is hard enough without all the added bullshit drama on top.
Typical Drama Queen Text :

Jean "Hey Mary, what you up to ?"

Mary "Why are you talking to me, I know that you hate and and that you were talking about me ... HOW COULD YOU ?! KEEP AWAY FROM ME!!!"

Jean "Wtf ?!"
by breadcrumbz July 10, 2008
You would think its a female but its not. This polka dot is male 😮 yes he has a penis, or so we believe. Who know he may be a woman for all we know judging by the level to which he thrives on drama. Serious issues. Like brain transplant worthy.

Drama llama I'd have to say
Girl who constantly annoys the hell out of you. No matter what you do this type of girl will yell/whine/cry/shout/ basically do anything to get you to do what she wants. Always whining about her grades even though she is better than everyone. Complains about everything in sight. Threatens you if you do anything against her will. JUDO EXPERT. Sometimes she is nice and a beautaaaaay but other than that she can give you one hell of a headache.
My best friend Kinjal Mehta is the Queen of all Drama Queens.
by Faisal Ahmed October 28, 2010
A relative who makes who such a big deal out of someting so trivial. Most likely to claim persecutorial syndrome and lashing out on other relatives.
My friend's aunt is such a fucking drama queen since being turned down for a loan!
by Cat44AZ88Anisette July 09, 2009
a drama queen is a gay wanna be actress
barbara should be in the soaps cause shes such a drama queen
by ODog N Cali M.C N T April 19, 2009
A person who consumes a large amount of Dramamine, a kind of under-the-counter motion sickness medication. This is done to reach the desired altered state of consciousness. See OTC abuse.
Kelly was such a drama queen last night. She ate 20 dramamine pills last night and was the most fucked up Ive ever seen her.
by burdur69 April 10, 2010
a person (M or F) who cries/yells/threatens for little or no reason.
"I think that guy's checking you out."

"Who Tommy? That muthafukin azzhole! I'm going to smack the shiat out of him. Do I tell you what he said to me the other day? Well, that little biatch walks up to me and was all like hey and I was all like hey and...etc, etc, etc, etc.
by dirtiest_sanchez December 08, 2002
A woman who is easily misunderstood, therefore she stresses and worries about every detail. A thinker. Very expressive in everything the does. Never under estimate a drama's queen artistic abilities. Her emotions bring out the best in her work.
Most talented women are drama queens. Do your research.
by savannadrama May 09, 2008