Usually one on the internet who is full of drama!
Krystal is such a dramallama! She's always complaining, and telling us about her sad life!
Someone who infuses non-stressful situations with drama, tsk and angst either for their own benefit or simply to become the center of attention. They thrive on the tsk and angst that they create. A dramallama can be identified by their tear-stained mascara, an over use of the word meh and constant email/blogging on the nature of their personal drama. The presence of a dramallama is usually accompanied by the derisive laughter of those around him/her.
"Dude, why is Jolie crying again?"
"She she freaked out over having to ask about borrowing some tables from Chris"
"She is such a fucking dramallama!"
by MainlyMozart October 23, 2006
Drama llamas - a generally awesome group of students who go through life as though they are in plays/movies. They all excel in the skill of jazz hands.
"Oh look, there go the drama llamas again! Feels just like we're in fame."

"Those drama llamas at QMU are pretty god dang awesome!"
by Jazz-hands August 14, 2012
Users who frequent religious or spiritual based chat forums solely to rile the occupants and cause ructions
the dramallama spends their chat life posting large fonted hatred
by bol5t3n April 22, 2009
Usually describing a human of the female gender, who is capable of making any stiuation become about them at a simple turn of a word, also when confronted about the "drama" becomes so enraged she spits in ones face similar to a llama
"That bitch Amber just spit in my face because I pointed out what a drama filled bitch she was being!"

"Yeah I told you that bitch was a Drama Llama!"
by Kurt September 23, 2006

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