Drama is the best subject in college where all the coolest people hang :) and play the most fun silly games and dance the most at parties.
Everyone: hmmm what shall we do?
Emma:i know lets play "yes lets"
Everyone: yes lets!
Emma: lets lie on the floor and spell out the word drama!
Everyone:Yes lets! *everone lies on the floor and starts rolling about screaming.*
Emma:i said, lets spell out the word drama!!!!
Everyone:Oh? *carries on rolling + emma joins in*
by LucyLu December 20, 2006
the partaking of, or undertaking of bad decisions, and then dealing with them in bad ways, in bad circumstances in addition to other people exacerbating the problems who love hundreds of miles away or is your best friend or is your new friend or is an old friend, basically, friends are the source of all drama, and most people are friends, and therefore people are the source of all drama. Fuck people.
Fuck drama
by Anthony March 03, 2003
The term used when a pilot pulls himself out of a flight due to the heartache of losing Heath Ledger.
Hey Bunny, I'm gonna have to drama out of my hop today. I'm just not feeling up to it yet.
by OEPF January 25, 2008
An awesome class in high school where you have to sit through boring plays and movies, but in the meantime, it is like the best class ever since you get to eat popcorn in class as an activity or grind with your girlfriend since it's an "acting exercise". You also have to make a play and that could be an OBSESSION. It is also a time to show off your awaiting filmmaking skills. Teachers can range from your stuffy old High School Musical grandm type to a hot sexy ditzy blonde 25 year old that lets you do basically anything. Like choir, a good break and gives something to look foreward, along with lunch, PE, band, shop, etc. during the day. Elective course... most fun in junior and senior year.
Yeah I can finally fire up my FL Studio and Windows Movie Movie for a school assignment for once, and it's called DRAMA!!! W000T!!!
by Fuhreal November 26, 2007
Trouble, crime, violence.
We don't want no drama.

With so much drama in the LBC it's kinda hard being Snoop D-O-double-G
by nokianinja October 07, 2002
Law and Order: SVU is the literal definition of drama
Law and Order: SVU when the chick stole her biological baby and then gave it up
by Andre the Giant September 22, 2004
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