Shit that stresses you out, and pisses you off, some causes are:
'I heard you and your man, Trey is having madd drama now' - Nosy ass bitch
by jazzy January 15, 2005
Very pointless and common amungst girls within the ages of 12 and 16. Usually it's started by a rumour some little girl started, which eventually gets bigger and bigger and causes some big internet rampage. Most girls like to gang up on one girl and constantly call them out on what they "apparantly" did. Most girls use the internet to do this because they are simply too scared to say it to eachothers faces.
Becky: "OMG, Did you hear about what Jessica did at that party lastnight, she's such a slut!!"

Hannah: "Yes!! Let's tell everyone!! Then everybody will hate her!!"

Lisa: "Wow.. Are you girls ever going to stop all of this drama and grow up!!?!"
by bubblegum1991 June 27, 2008
Another word for furry. A slang term born of 4chan's word filter, where if anybody tries to type the word furry, it is replaced with the word drama.
I need some more drama pr0n. Somebody get /fur/ back up.
by Hand Hanzo April 28, 2005
Dennis Rodman

(See Celebrity Apprentice Season 2 Episode 4 - The Dennis Rodman Meltdown)
She is much of a drama queen as Dennis Rodman.
by DennisRodmanIsAnnoying March 22, 2009
Any event that causes voices to raise, or people to become either frustrated, angered, or confused.
being accused of lying about your sexual history by your ex boyfriend whom you caught in bed with your sister but is now dating your best friend.
by Boo Millah November 21, 2003
To act in a way similar to Johnny Drama, a character from the HBO series 'Entourage'.

Such activity may involve:

1. to brag about past accomplishments that no one has ever heard of, esp. in acting.
2. to be overlooked as if invisible or for nobody to know who you are.
3. to suck up to bigwigs
4. to overact, exaggerate and overdramatize insignificant details or events
5. to sneak into the playboy mansion
a. Those girls really drama-ed you. (overlooked)
b. You don't have to drama me to death with the details, thanks. (exaggerate)
by sycamore April 04, 2008
Drama is the best subject in college where all the coolest people hang :) and play the most fun silly games and dance the most at parties.
Everyone: hmmm what shall we do?
Emma:i know lets play "yes lets"
Everyone: yes lets!
Emma: lets lie on the floor and spell out the word drama!
Everyone:Yes lets! *everone lies on the floor and starts rolling about screaming.*
Emma:i said, lets spell out the word drama!!!!
Everyone:Oh? *carries on rolling + emma joins in*
by LucyLu December 20, 2006

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