Drama stands for;
D- Dumb
R- Retards
A- Asking for
M- More

A- Attention
Girl 1 Uploads a pictire
Girl 1; OMG this picture of me is so ugly!!!! D;

Drama; A girl starts a fight about a small thing and makes it into a big thing.
by Stay_Beautiful_(: April 09, 2011
drama is something that middle school and high school girls have. drama is just an argument that a dumb insecure girls that thing there so cool but deep down they are so insecure so they make other people feel bad about them selfs by calling them fat, ugly, loner, stupid , etc.

people dont like girls with alot of drama so you should try to stay out of it! usually main source is the phone/ texting.
over text:
normal girl-hey(:

chick with drama-ummm hi?

normal girl- whats the umm for bestfriend?

chick with drama-wtf were not bestfriends my ONLY TWO

best friends are hailey and jamie! (made up names) a bestfriend is someone you hang out with EVERYDAY!

normal girl- we DO hang out everyday!

chick with drama - me and hailey and jamie link arms and walk through the halls everyday! NOT YOU ! and im happy you dont u fatass!

and the rest is mostly she calling u names and putting you down
by ilysaaamm! January 16, 2010
To act in a way similar to Johnny Drama, a character from the HBO series 'Entourage'.

Such activity may involve:

1. to brag about past accomplishments that no one has ever heard of, esp. in acting.
2. to be overlooked as if invisible or for nobody to know who you are.
3. to suck up to bigwigs
4. to overact, exaggerate and overdramatize insignificant details or events
5. to sneak into the playboy mansion
a. Those girls really drama-ed you. (overlooked)
b. You don't have to drama me to death with the details, thanks. (exaggerate)
by sycamoreflinch April 04, 2008
Heaven Cassata
Heaven Cassata started so much drama today when she didn't stop staring at peoples men!
by Annnonymoussssss October 24, 2012
Shit, simply put. Its useless, time-consuming, and nothing even ends up being solved. In fact, its usually repeated over and over again. Its mostly a girl thing, but please don't judge all girls based a few hell spawns in the high school halls. Some of us actually have a brain.
Bitch #1: "I broke up with him! OH, now I regret it! He's mad at me now. WHAT DO I DO?!"

Bitch #2: "why did you two break up?" *puts on fake concerned face*

#1: "I heard from a person that he called me a bitch behind my back...so I broke up with him"

#2: "Well he never liked you anyway. Yesterday, he told me that he LOVED me!"

#1: WTF OMFG *****

normal person: "Its shit like this that makes me loose all hope for humanity"

*Two girls begin tearing at each others hair, and rallying their army of hell spawns that will make the halls dangerous for about 2 weeks, until all the drama dies down (and starts again)*
by RockerChick99 January 19, 2011
When Sarah likes Mike but Mike is going out with Jane when Jane actually likes Dylan but Dylan likes Sarah so Dylan asks out Sarah and Jane gets mad and breaks up with Mike so she can go out with Dylan then Sarah asks out Eric instead and Eric likes Hannah and Hannah likes Mike so Hannah asks out Mike and Jane gets jealous so she tries to make up with Mike.
Sarah: Jane, stop causing drama
Jane: Fuck you Sarah, it's your fault

This could go on forever, because it's drama....
by Saramklinnon54624 July 22, 2014
Serious Business
Mike: Hello people. I believe in Santa.
srsBsns: Santa is fag. Get lost.
Mike: c'mon why so serious?
srsBsns: seriously.
Harry: Dramaaaa
by Black Integral May 16, 2011
A Boy Or A Girl That reacts over dramatically to something or is overly enthusiastic about everything.
" OMG i hate those Dramas "
" Me Too they over-react to everything "
by LiverpoolRule123 October 27, 2010

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