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Drama stands for;
D- Dumb
R- Retards
A- Asking for
M- More

A- Attention
Girl 1 Uploads a pictire
Girl 1; OMG this picture of me is so ugly!!!! D;

Drama; A girl starts a fight about a small thing and makes it into a big thing.
by Stay_Beautiful_(: April 09, 2011
Drama is something that people do when they

1. have no life

2. insecure

3 jealous


People say that teenage girls and women like drama,which is BS,teenage boys and men start drama all the time,If you haven't noticed the people who complain about drama are most of the time,the people you should stay away from because they like drama,whether they start it or don't start it,they like drama.these people really need to get a life,and plus drama is pointless and stupid?because everyone who I know that doesn't like drama doesn't start it or get involved in it,most of the time they ignore drama.Drama is just a waste of time?drama is really stupid.I don't see how people get in drama?people who start drama or get involved in drama have no life,and really need to ignore it and do something good for society,and should focus on societies needs instead of other crap.
"oh my god Sara is talking to the guy,I saw him first,he's mine,If I find out that he likes her and not me I'm gonna kick her***,I started talking to him first!!(DRAMA IS REALLY POINTLESS,Stupid,And these people really need to get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!)
by gamerking89 August 28, 2009
It happens in the theatre.
Let's go to Drama class now.
by super.grover May 18, 2010
A time wasting practice that seems to consume the lives of typical children grades six through eight.
"Middle school called, they want their drama back."
by MicahMoo February 25, 2007
the most annoying and pointless thing in the entire world. pointless and uneccissary are the only words to describe drama. such a waste of time and breathe.
opposite of maturity.
you will never be able to use mature and drama in the same sentence.
those girls are such drama vs. those girls are so mature.
by -md July 15, 2010
A style of life found primarily among middle school and high school females, AKA shorties. (Unfortunately, recent occurrences would suggest that there is a troubling trend of drama being reported among high school males, reference Dyl, Cackins, Camara). Said style of life manifests itself in exaggeration, recurring anxiety, and an uncanny knack of keeping the issue at hand alive for days, weeks, months, and even years.

The careful observer will note that there are different genres (if you will) of drama focusing on the following issues (note that this list is not conclusive):
- Boyfriends who can not make up their mind and date girls, AKA Shorties, repeatedly, therefore causing unnecessary stress not for the girl in question, but rather for their best friends who just may possibly “like” said boyfriend
- CBA members, players, games, comments
- Freudian Slips of the term “bitch”
- Girlfriends who talk trash
- Dance
- Sleepovers (this would be more geared towards the male population who still holds true the idea that males should have sleepovers at the mature age of 17)
- Guys who try to “mack it” with girls, AKA Shorties, who are already taken by other guys (again, this would be geared towards the male population who feel that the appropriate call to action would be a fight at Foster Field after the Homecoming Dance. This undoubtedly would not settle the matter, and actually only leads to law enforcement intervention and an unfortunate series of arrests).
- Homecoming Dance
- Graduation
- The “she said that…”
- Occurrences at football games
- Deciding who should be chosen to be a passenger in your car while traveling to any and all activities to be held at said CHS

An unfortunate breeding ground for drama would be the AOL Instant Messenger. Said venue is a commonly used forum to deal with drama because copying and pasting brewing conversations over drama can be sent to others for advice and consent; caps, italics, bolding and smiley faces can be used to portray feelings of emotion; and conversations can be saved, printed and/or posted in emails for future reference.

A way to combat drama is not allow it to reproduce. Any and all means must be used to achieve this result.
An example of an AIM conversation:

Female X: Greg is back with Chelsea
Female Y: I can't believe that. They should just get over each other

Male X: You are screwing with Matt's girl. Foster Field, 10:00 p.m.

Female X: I don't care if you are sorry cuz you hurt my feelings. You obviously aren't the friend I thought you were.
Female Y: But you've been acting like a bitch lately. You've been talking behind my back
Female Y: (in another AIM conversation who has copied and pasted said prior conversation to their "advisor") I'm really sad. What should I do
by Chucker May 11, 2005
The biggest long term cockblock of all
Dude, I almost got into her pants last night.

Then what?

My ex-girlfriend found out... Major drama dude

by Lolnuts3000 December 06, 2010