Drama stands for;
D- Dumb
R- Retards
A- Asking for
M- More

A- Attention
Girl 1 Uploads a pictire
Girl 1; OMG this picture of me is so ugly!!!! D;

Drama; A girl starts a fight about a small thing and makes it into a big thing.
by Stay_Beautiful_(: April 09, 2011
Drama is when people cause unnecessary hardships in others lives just for amusement... or because they are stupid and there personalities are seriously lackign
That time when Gabby and Sarah Fucked the innocent Peter and Alex over... causing drama and them to drastically alter there lifestyle... and to pursue a life of rebellion.. as they ultimately developed a very successful gay relationship with one another
by AKPS January 28, 2008
Events circulating around or causing angst, arguing, or general bitchiness. Somehow always seems to stem from furries.

Anonymous: anonymous haet drama

Furry: :(
by joseph mongler April 13, 2006
Typical way for middle and high school students to pass time.
Example of drama:
Saskia: "Talia's being a bitch."
Carmen: "Yeah, lets talk about her behind her back to everyone we know."
by Akery December 30, 2007
a word that is overused, overdone, and overanalyzed.
Abby: Ughhh, more drama.

Andrea: I know, when does it stop.
by jfkdlaajf April 04, 2009
A verbal STD, commonly distributed in high schools, but also found in colleges, workplaces, residential neighborhoods, and nursing homes.
1. Dude, don't think about it. That bitch has major drama.
2. Oh fuck, I've got drama.
3. Drama is hilarious when it happens to other people.
by MrXcitement April 05, 2008
1. abst. noun
Something that someone starts unnessecarily out of nowhere, for no real reason and acts as if he is Romeo , or she acts as if she is Juliet soppily making everything look fated and with a label saying 'cry over me'. To this, the general, warm-blooded population says ; Face up to reality and get yourself a free meal.

Real-life examples include = Bill Cosby, Britney Spears, Tony Blair, Britney Spears, Uncle Sam and/or Satan
'We aint' startin no drama, f*** you and your mother-f******g mama'

'Why you startin' drama?'
by Ifuknewmynameidhave2killu January 23, 2008
Unescessary emotional turmoil that women love to cause and partake in. The most common causes of drama with women are love, sex, and relationships. omen cause drama because they know it drives men nuts, and use it to play hard to get.
That new girl I like is causing me so much drama that it's hardly even worth the effort.
by spman August 24, 2004

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