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A perpetuator of drama, mostly via the internet, using tools such as a blog, but participants (usually a fatuous woman or a gossip nanny) are not limited to this medium alone, and prefer applying other means of shit stirring, including an endless encouragement of gossip, to their offline lives as well (e-drama), and must do so with utmost fervor and with great frequency in order to be deemed a true drama osama. Said assholes often fancy themselves to be a drama llama, reflecting the delusion that they possess a talent or knack for good juicy drama or gossip, when in fact they mostly just spew bullshit diatribes. Due to the levels of fanatacism with which they revel in drama of any kind, celebrating it like a crack ho getting a fix, and also due to the extremely pointless and unentertaining topics their drama and gossip focus on, the the term drama llama becomes a misnomer, and the term drama osama must therefore be applied in it's place.
"All that skank does is gossip about everybody and stir shit up. I tell ya, if she doesn't quit being such a damn drama osama, someone's going to club her like a seal pup."
by Nun Ya Biz March 17, 2006
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