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Especially in high school, there are those few who emerge as "the drama gods" or the good chieftains of the drama crowd. Super smart, fun, spontaneously hilarious, and sincere, they are usually the stars of the school shows, whether it be musical or play, but to be revered as one of them, you gotta have something extra, like a genuinely nice personality, or a contagious creativity. They're the drama kids that got it all together and won't just shun the budding theater padowan learners or the techies or those downstairs in the pit orchestra 'cause they're not the stars. They EARNED their role, and climbed the drama hierarchy to get there. Hell, half the time the drama gods are teenage prodigies! They're usually great at something else, like art, writing, or directing. They're the ones who are gonna go FAR. If you're a budding thespian padowan, get to know them, even though they may be kind of intimidating. But they're actually nice people, and not obnoxiously competitive, like the drama strivers, who will do anything and step on anyone in their way to land a role. Be very careful not to confuse a drama god with a drama striver, since sometimes a striver will land the lead roles too. It's the drama gods who are your friends. But don't try and use their friendship like a striver would. After all, they are GODS, and you really dont want them for enemies.
That guy is a drama god; he's got it all together.

She's a drama god, she'll help you out.

He may act like a drama god, but he's really an arrogant striver.
by Indigo Rowanoak October 15, 2008
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