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A drake-brockman is an absurd belief that goes against all rational evidence, because it reinforces one's bigoted view of a race or particular group of people. Usually, a drake-brockman is the result of deliberately misrepresenting a source to make them fit your world view.
Cherry the elderly papergirl believed the drake-brockman that asylum seekers are given £300 a week and a pat on the head by the Government, after someone told her this in a post office queue one day.

the de sica believed the drake-brockman that 'many asylum seekers are guilty of serious crimes in their own country' despite the fact that when she was repeatedly asked for evidence she failed to provide any.
by Ben Dover of the Yard April 26, 2004
A heredetary mneonic learning disability requiring the sufferer to evaluate observed data through a filter of 19th Century Colonial beliefs regarding race and social class. Most prevalent in Australia, due to endogamous breeding and the Founder effect, and also found in England where endogamy was an 18th Century rule. Thus, the disease perpetuates itself.
The Australian sheep rancher looked over the back of his ewe just in time to see a group of Aboriginal and Irish children walking to school. Because he had Drake-Brockman he quickly identified these children as inferior and so could no longer see them. Then, he realized he was superior to the whole planet, except for the Queen, and everyone became invisible. He became lonely again and returned to his ewe.
by Beeguyel January 23, 2014
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