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Dragonball Kai is the high-definition remastered version of Dragonball Z. This version of the show has cut out all the fillers that were in Dragonball Z. Dragonball Kai is also only 100 episodes as opposed to Dragonball Z’s 291 because of all the cut fillers.
Dragonball Z Goku powering up spirit bomb takes 10 episodes
Dragonball Kai Goku powering up spirit bomb takes 2 episodes
by http://supersaiyan.org February 17, 2010

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anime dragonball dragonball z goku
a remastered kid friendly version of dragonball z.
(dragonball z)
vegeta:goku, im going to rip your fucking heart out, eat it, cut your head off and put it where your heart was!!
(dragonball kai)
vegeta: hey goku want to drink some apple juice, best buddy?
by jorjor218 July 14, 2011
n: A bullshit, watered down rehash of Dragonball Z. It's meant for five year olds who aren't "mature" enough to handle bad words or blood. A crime against all fans of Dragonball Z. Blasphemy to the ears of those who have seen the original.
Dragonball Z fan: Oh look a remastered version of DBZ.
*watches Dragonball Kai*
*promptly commits suicide*
by Shiro13 May 31, 2010