Guys who solely dates fat ugly chicks, because they have no other options as all the princess will not even look at them.
Holy crap, look at that dragon slayer over there.
by sanchezes January 02, 2006
One who is in a constant state of wrong with a great knowledge of guns.

This person enjoys whippings from the local highschool girls, and the occasional flannel shirt.

A Dragon Slayer is a gentleman, and a scholar...faggot.
Yo man, you look hella Dragon Slayer today.

Dude I hate when you Dragon Slay everywhere!
by WakeyBakey January 29, 2011
A person that thinks they are going to single-handedly, or sometimes with the help of like-minded individuals, save a community.
Cops, prosecutors, golf course security guards, self-important businessmen, and politicians generally have a dragon slayer mentality.
by TinaStruthers December 05, 2009
An american who de-virginizes asian women.
He banged three virgins from china??? hes a might dragon slayer
by Lovehandle October 12, 2010
(n) A man who has sex with many Asian women. He often has a fetish for Asian women.
"Paul has officially become a dragon slayer after porking Kim Lee and Brenda Lu last night."
by VirtualPhil November 18, 2009
From, "You gotta slay a few dragons to get to the princess" a dragon slayer is someone who is out doing dirties with the hopes of finding a nice girl to really date. Or he's just using it as an excuse for never settling down.
"Gillies has been a dragon slayer longer than Jesus!"
"He'll never get to a princess"
"No way does he even want to!"
by the product September 13, 2005
There are no princesses in the real world. A Dragon Slayer is a dignified position where one braves the real world and confronts people about irrationality of incoherent world views and delusions completely unafraid of the repercussions of pissing people the fuck off.
a: Dude, that guy just blew up that street preacher. I know that pastor too, he has a PHD.
b: Ya, he was a total dragon slayer.

a: Woh, dude just annihilated that feminist.
b: What a dragon slayer!
by GhostDino December 25, 2014

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