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A guy that does it with a dirty, ugly or gross girl as he has no better options. taken from the expression "you have to slay a few dragons to get to the princess."
"Well buddy, looks like im going to have to be a dragon slayer tonight."
by carr February 26, 2005
A man that will pursue and bed a dragon (fat nasty bitch). This man is usually of average or skinny size, this term does no usually apply to a fat guy with a dragon. The pair should be somewhat disproportional for it to be a legit dragon slaying
man, my cousin is a dragon slayer....look at the beast that just walked out of his room.
by FDD2 January 01, 2007
a man who engages in sexual activity with fat women
tim is now a dragonslayer for fucking a fat bitch last night.
by john hates you all August 27, 2006
1- A knight's long quest and battle looking for his princess.
2- Hooking up with ugly chicks while trying to find the "princess" (a very painful and long process)
3- "You have to slay alot of dragons before you get to the princess"
Dirk- Hey bro, how was the search for the princess this weekend?
Brian- yeah, I was killing dragons all weekend long , not a princess in sight.
Dirk- Well man, you are the best dragon slayer I know.
by Hey Ladies July 10, 2008
A dragon slayer is a medium build guy who repeatedly takes home the fattest, ugliest whore from the bar.
(You see the dragon slayer leaving with one of these things)
"Do not unsheath your sword tonight good sir!"
by Samsquamch II February 28, 2008
1. The honorary title of a person who has killed a dragon, or whose profession is the extermination of dragons.

2. Anyone who destroys extremely difficult or challenging opponents or problems.
1. Having killed Tiamat, the squad became known as The Dragonslayers.

2. This situation is beyond our ability to endure or solve -- we need a dragonslayer.
by Figleaf23 June 15, 2007
Guys who solely dates fat ugly chicks, because they have no other options as all the princess will not even look at them.
Holy crap, look at that dragon slayer over there.
by sanchezes January 02, 2006
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