A shot of Jager, Whiskey, Rum, and Tequila all in a double shot glass.

Burns and tastes like shit hence the name "Dragon Piss."

Gets you twisted pretty fast.
"Yo James pour me a shot of some dragon piss!"

by sycaAA April 25, 2008
Top Definition
A huge Piss, one capable of flooding villages.
Pisser: Nigga, I gotta take a dragon piss, cuz.
Me: What the fuck's a "dragon piss"?
Pisser: It's a huge ass piss, nekkuh, haven't you ever seen how big a fucking dragon is? Imagine that green dragon from DragonBall Z takin' a piss, cuz, that shit be floodin' villages and shit, son.
by Tearstains June 25, 2009
The ashy, contaminated water left in a bong or water pipe after smoking.
After you hit the bong you're supposed to drink the Dragon Piss!

The Bong Smells like Dragon Piss
by Dragon Piss Drinker October 27, 2011
A level of heat capable of melting glaciers.
This coffee is as hot as dragon piss, gotta let it cool down first.
by jebucha July 13, 2016
(Also known as "Dragon's Piss")

An alcoholic beverage known for giving its full effect unexpectedly, and it's mysical piss-like color. The drink is also very bad for your heart, and can keep you active for hours. Has a unique carbinated taste, and is delightfully simple to make. Can seriously fuck you up.

Contents: Vodka, Mountain Dew, and Redbull (some like to add lime/lemon juice)

The drink was enspired by the band "Dragonforce" and Lil'Johns infamous "Krunk Juice"
Holy shit, that delicious Dragon Piss totally got me tomahawked last night. I Can't remember a goddamn thing. Also, my heart kinda hurts...
by Matt W. M. October 04, 2006
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