A sex act. The instigator inserts five fingers into the vagina of a female. An optional (but recommended) second step involves the spreading of the fingers once inside, causing the vagina to stretch to unheard-of and painful proportions.
Ali gave her the two-stage Dragon Fist! He stuck 'em in, then spread 'em!
by pondrthis July 05, 2010
Top Definition
The act of dipping your hand in hot sauce, normally Frank's red hot and then shoving your hand into a vagina.
Make cupcakes bitch or you'll get the dragon fist.
by Keeney July 09, 2006
When a man goes SSJ and bawls his fist taking a step back and shoving it into the anus or vagina of another man/woman repeatedly.
Man did you see Goku dragon fist that guy?!
by Dragonbawl October 12, 2015
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