A girl who is ugly , mostly used on girls . A girl that has a Fcked up face :p
Boy :"Can you spit fire ??"
Girl :"Uhhh Noo!!"
Boy :"What kinda dragon are you??"

Boy1 :"Yo , see that girl??"
Boy2 :"Yeah , what a dragon broo."
Boy1 :"Haha , her nose makes her a dragon. XD "
by DICKSTIONARY December 31, 2011
The one girl in a group of friends that isn't quite up to par with the rest. (She's ugly)
Parker: Jacelyn and Kassie are hott, but Amber... she is such a dragon!
Beve: You are totally right man!
by Mike Hunts Softball Team June 25, 2011
a penis
Ben: uhh, David, your dragons showing.
David: Oh, shit!
by Ben Tran December 08, 2010
A very ugly girl
She is such a dragon
by scallym October 03, 2009
The male version of a cougar.
Someone who chases girls far too young for him, but not childeren.
That's a pedo..
I think that dragon just grabbed my ass!
by chrisleblanc October 01, 2009
This is when a female gives a man oral sex and her teeth drag on his penis. This usually becomes her nickname to his friends.
Justin: "Who was that one bitch you use to date in high school?"

Howie: "Which one?"

Justin: "That girl who's teeth would drag on your cock when she blew you."

Howie: "Ya Dragon."
by dumnumyuk July 29, 2009
A type of mythical creature that some claim existed. It apparently breathed fire, which is impossible, due to it never existing.
A dragon
by SeveredHeadz June 22, 2009

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