What one's large flaccid dick does while one walks in the present tense.
Other party: What's that sound dude?
Me: Oh, that's my dick dragon across the floor.
by seymore15074 March 23, 2008
really, really, really bad breath
Damn, close your mouth, you are releasing tha dragon!!!!
by playtress90 March 28, 2005
Synonym for media (such as CD-R, DVD-R, etc.) containing illegally obtained copyrighted material. Originated on Space Ghost season 7, episode S81/703 "Knivin' Around."
Wait for me outside while I burn and verify these dragons.
by invidious January 08, 2006
If you got the Dragon you got bad breath.
yo' man i started kissin' that bitch but she had the dragon.
by ghetto john March 11, 2003
a huge yet unattractive penis
he had a great big dragon hidden under his belt but nobody wanted to see it.
by irene313 October 18, 2005
Gang of mexicans in northwest Indiana. Fuck with the bloods.
Some bloods shot the hell out of dragon block, killed them dragon niggas dead. Serves dem dragons right
by namelessguy October 12, 2007
The first comment entry in a blog thread.

Origins can be traced to Keo's south african rugby blog.
Today I had a dragons in a rugby blog today!awesome!
by Blindside Flanker October 24, 2007
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