The garagntuan scaly beast nesting in a man's pants. Not for use when describing male genitalia of a common nature. A "Dragon" is a creature of mythical proportions. It makes a habit of desecrating virgins and maidens of all descriptions. When not wreaking fire-breathing havoc upon the world, it will lie docile in it's nest, resting upon it's Dragon Eggs, keeping them warm and ready. A true Dragon is irresistable to the ample breasted maidens of the world, and they gladly open their Dragon Caves for temporary inhabitance with little to no warning. The scent of a Dragon is evident to every female within a radius of several miles. His fire breathing nature sets women afire, with little recourse but to soothe it between the sheets of the Dragon Master.
Dude, that coffeehouse chick has been eyeing my Dragon all morning. Wait here...
by DragonMaster November 26, 2006
A fat nasty girl. however, an extremely nasty or cracked out skinny bithc have also been reffered to as dragons
dude, look at that dragon, she could eat you.
by FDD2 January 01, 2007
An ugly woman, especially an elderly one, because she has wrinkled skin and long, sharp fingernails. Akin to "dog" which is usually used to refer to an unattractive younger woman.
Old Mrs. Gondorf is a real dragon.
by debodun July 28, 2007
'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story', was, as it sounds, the biographical movie about Bruce Lee. It attempts to retell his story, though it paints a much nicer picture and leaves out certain details about his life. He is believed to have been a rampant drug user, and to have cheated on his wife. I personally doubt he got in a huge fight with a bunch of American sailors too, but I'll let them have that one.

The story also includes some supernatural elements which I believe were supposed to take place in his mind, or on the spirit realm, or something like that. I will not say what, because that will spoil it, but it made the movie for me.

Fact or fiction, a good movie to see, so much that it stayed in my mind for over ten years until I saw it again.
No, the biographical film was Dragon, not Enter the Dragon. That one was a fictional one that actually had Bruce Lee in it. Wow, look at him flex those pythons!
by Jordan Hill December 16, 2004
One who is beat, like beat with the ugly stick
i was slayin dragons last night
by Mr.nes, p nes April 09, 2007
a person who is slightly retarded, who loves doing a dirty sanchez at any given time, and who is just plain awesome, and someone who also loves the Jonas Brothers
Man did you talk to michelle? She is such a dragon!!
by Lauren459 July 23, 2008
What one's large flaccid dick does while one walks in the present tense.
Other party: What's that sound dude?
Me: Oh, that's my dick dragon across the floor.
by seymore15074 March 23, 2008

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