A Korean man/woman with an excessive or stingy temper. It is commonly believed that when dating a Korean with an unstable temper, they will eventually turn into a dragon and blow up because their hearts are made up of radioactive Uranium 192. There is a way to prevent stingy Koreans from turning into dragons, but it involves a lot of time, patience, and money. Eventually it's not worth it, and most people settle for lower maintenance friends or significant others.
Dragons are usually most suitable to watch from afar, in case they explode.
"A : She's hot.
B: Dude, she's a dragon. It's not worth dating her, she'll blow up because of the radioactive U-192 inside her. Don't get close.
A: Really? Aww, i'll just have to stalk her then
B: Mmhmm"
by xynree December 27, 2008
An EXTREMELY big girl (think offensive lineman big), who is not only heavy but also tall. Isn't necessarily morbidly obese, but is a beast of a woman. Sometimes will hang out with girls with "talent". But will usually be in the presence of a "handler" and may also be accompanied by other dragons.
You slay a dragon if you take her home for sex. The hand gesture to your buddy that a dragon is near is to make a motion of pulling a huge sword out of its scabbard like a knight!
My buddy got drunk in a bar and ended up going home to slay a Dragon last night. She will crush him! She HAD to have been 5'9 and 250 lbs!!! Luckily I fended off her handler.
by The Real Maroon Blood August 17, 2008
a really old women you pick up at a bar that is even older then 50.
Thats gross that dragon is disgusting.
by bob 24 February 01, 2008
noun: an african american, normally derogatory
that dragon loves potato salad
by stewertamazing January 14, 2007
Matthew Charles Cunningham
Cunningham is somewhat fat, that is why we call him Dragon
by Spurm November 03, 2010
1. A powerful mobster.
2. A rich, mysterious and powerful person, possibly mixed with dangerous doings.
3. A drug dealer, even a small-time weed dude.
4. A person who smokes a lot.
"See that man in the limo? Thats Henry Gee. A red Dragon if I ever seen one."

"I got this baggy from this dragon I know. Best weed ever."

"Davie is becoming such a dragon, I hope he don't get lung cancer."
by abragag December 02, 2008
a girl with a size 40 waist or higher
"Yo dude go slay that dragon!"
by Mark Cr September 07, 2008

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