The best soft drink in the history of history. Scientists are still debating weather it was invented by god or Chuck Norris.
If you touch my Dr. Pepper, I will amputate your arm and beat you to death with it.
by Ghett0asassin May 15, 2009
God in a red can.

You can open it up, and find religion in the fuzzy carbonated wonderful-ness-es.

"I found religon in this wonderful red round Dr. Pepper"
by Tawn May 22, 2006
He's black and sweet and comes in a bottle.
-"Dearest Dr. Pepper, please do be kind and remove your used bottles from the windowsill."

-"For the love of God, why doesn't Dr. Pepper close his blinds?!"

-I really think we should set Euwrama up with Dr. Pepper. He's such a nice, lonely man.
by Kathryn June October 29, 2004
The only soda that can be consumed in any combination of cold/hot, flat/fresh and still be delicious.
Though the cans had been in the sun all day, Germaine was delighted to find that, heated by the sun's rays, her Dr. Pepper was even more delicious!
by Doomie June 07, 2004
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