early words of johnny 5
wouldn't you like to be a pepper too?
by artemis February 27, 2004
Greatest soft drink ever.
Dr. Pepper makes me shiver in anticipation.
by CkDead May 11, 2004
only the best soft drink ever, coke and pepsi are miles behind
Dr Pepper kicks ass!!!
by towelie July 14, 2004
Tastes like medicine but I drink it anyway.
"Dude, you got any Dr. Pepper?"
by Soiled Undergarment August 18, 2003
Dr. Pepper was created by the devil himself, but God thought it was so delicious he decided it was the holy elixir of the 21st century. Now sold mostly in 500ml bottles in the UK, otherwise the overload of unbelievably sweet and delicious drink would drive the poor soul crazy, but he/she would still think it's worth it. Also one of the few legal addictive drugs.
Dr. Pepper? you sell 2l bottles of it? THANKYOU MERCIFUL JESUS!
by danjc2 October 01, 2006
Dr. Pepper is black and sweet and comes in a bottle.
How embarassing. I walked in on Dr. Pepper coming in a bottle!
by Kathryn June October 30, 2004
The greatest drink know to Humans!
Dr. Pepper PWNZ all other drinks!
by Keaton Prower January 23, 2004

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