A soda who claims to be a doctor. You know all those scientists who claim to be doctors? Dr Pepper taught them everything it knows. Yes, I know it's hard to believe after all these years that Dr. Eggman taught by a soft drink.
In honor of the fine soft drink who taught them how to build stuff, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily built Protoman out of Dr Pepper cans.
by Crazed Ninja August 19, 2004
the best soft drink ever, and the only one that does not copy coca-cola. It was cooler before they created a bunch variations (like berries and cream) and before they released a bunch of stupid commercials (like the "23 Flavors" and "Hold it" series). still the best though.
Successful businessman: Hey, you want some Dr Pepper?
Homeless man: Hell no I hate the stuff.
Successful businessman: You are going to hell.
by smb1967x June 01, 2007
The best thing in the world besides sex
dude1: i had sex last night
dude2: so i had a dr.pepper
dude1:lucky bastard
by superman123456 September 15, 2006
The world's greatest soft drink. It was created by God himself and is the source of all that is good and awesome. It is pure life.
"The Meaning of Life is Dr Pepper."
by Kazan22 January 07, 2008
A pure soda. This is a soda for soda drinkers

1. It's fizzy

2. It doesn't taste like anything natural

3. It contains more caffeine than 90 % of other sodas
Dr. Pepper... you make the world taste better.
by Chris June 05, 2004
a dr pepper is when two blokes that are in love dock docking each other and one of them piss a little into the others foreskin. it is quite an exquisite process and feels fantastic.
jesse mcmillan dr peppered minge so bad that minge got aids
by Trevor Fosdyke October 29, 2009
the correct spelling of the delicious red soda. right now the advertisments are all about diet dr pepper being delicious. it tastes like bubbley air in my opinion, but im drinking it right now, because who hasnt wanted to drink bubbley air at some point. normal dr pepper is really good and flavorful. 23 flavors, i dont know what it tastes like!
person 1= what are you drinking?
person 2= dr pepper.
person 1= its not in a red can.
person 2= duh, is diet dr pepper.
person 1= can i have some?
person 2= sure.
*person 1 drinks*
person 1= it tastes like fizzy air!?
person 2= duh, that's the point.
*person 1 waits a minute, then runs away with can*
person 2= hey!

by kccc =] June 05, 2007

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