Tastes good.
I drink Dr.Pepper.
by person yo-yo August 02, 2003
A carbonated beverage. Most people do not know what the main flavor in it is. Most
people do not want to know, and the company doesn't want you to know as it is part of it's
advertising campaign: "confusing tastebuds since 1885" The flavor is (believed by some) to be prune juice.
Sally: I hate dr pepper!
Jim: Your crazy!
by Vine January 30, 2004
A soft drink which tastes like Pepsi with butter in it.
Put some country crock in your next Pepsi and find out for yourself.
by Andizzle4Life August 17, 2005
1) Excellent carbonated beverage.
2) Excellent mix drink.
1) Open can and drink.
2) See directions:
A) One scotch glass of Budweiser.
B) One shot glass of Rum.
C) Drop shot glass in scotch glass.
D) Bottom's up.
E) Enjoy the alcoholic beverage that tastes exactly like the carbonated beverage.
by Matt July 19, 2004
1. The famous carbonated drink that only 5 people know the exact base to.

2. Any drink in which hot sauce has been put in as a prank. Generally, hot sauces of 600,000 Scoville or greater are used to minimize the amount needed, and thus minimize the chance of detection before it's too late.
A: He really embarrassed you with that picture of you passed out naked.

B: It's ok, I think I got him back.

A: How?

B: I gave him a "Dr. Pepper".

A: Made with what?

B: His favorite, Rum and Coke, with a bit of concentrated Capsaiccin solution added in.

A: You realize that might kill him?

B: Nah, I only put a tiny droplet of the solution in, but he definitely won't be having fun tonight.
by OlegTheGreat December 16, 2010

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