1. a refreshing bubbly soft drink that is loaded with jet fuel!

2. the reason why the Beatles changed the name of their epic album to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

3. said soft drink company that made a bet and did their best to weasel out of it.
1. I'm a Pepper, he's a Pepper, she's a Pepper, we're a Pepper, would you like to be a Pepper too? Be a Pepper. Drink Dr. Pepper.

2. Dr. Pepper got promoted to Seargeant.

3. Last year I got to listen to the entire Guns N Roses catalog online, including the too-often-delayed long-awaited-and-overdue new album "Chinese Democracy". It's a really good album, it kicks some major ass and has a lot of diversity in the songs. Just don't take so long next time, OK fellas?
After hearing the last track there was a link taking me to "drpepper.com". Dr. Pepper made a bet: if the new GNR album was released last year then EVERYONE in America would get a free drink. There was a time limit window for this, however. You had to hit a link to register in order to get a coupon (to be printed) good for a FREE 20 oz. bottle of Dr. Pepper. I couldn't get ON there! I was on hold FOREVER. Apparently so were many other people. The corporation heads decided to "extend" the time window by a few hours. When I FINALLY got on the desired page there was a message that said that I was too late - the window of opportunity had expired by 15 minutes! Lemme see, we have over 265 million people in the United States so that would mean how many drinks...
by Sweet Child of Paradise City September 23, 2009
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There's no period in Dr Pepper
by taco_fox October 27, 2003
The act of fucking a girl 23 different ways and then jizzing all over her face to get the true flavor.
Well I was going to break up with tommy, but he gave me the greatest Dr. Pepper I've ever had
by Geometric lover August 14, 2010
Dr Pepper, also known as DP. Created and sold in 1885 Waco Texas, one year before Coca-Cola existed, anyone who says it tastes like cherry coke is an idiot. If they are similar in taste, its cherry coke that resembles Dr Pepper not the other way around.
Dr Pepper contains 39.6 milligrams of caffeine per 12 ounce can. Dr Pepper was invented by a pharmacist by the name of Dr. Charles Alderton. Dr. Alderton began selling the original syrup un-carbonated at Morrison's Old Corner Drug Store in Waco Texas in 1885. At the time is was being sold as a vitalizing energy tonic. Customers asked to add carobonated seltzer-water to the syrup and they've been selling it carbonated ever since. Morrison the drug store owner later took over the business of selling Dr Pepper and teamed up with a local bottling plant owner Robert Lazenby.
Morrison & Lazenby founded the Artesian Mfg. & Bottling company which later became Dr Pepper/ 7UP Inc.

Dr Pepper/ 7UP Inc. is NOT owned by Pepsi, it is NOT owned by Coca-Cola. But in fact is owned by Cadbury Schweppes of London (they bought it out in 1995). Many people are confused why Dr Pepper is sold along side Coke & Pepsi products, Dr Pepper independently has contracts with Coke, Pepsi and various other bottling plants worldwide, this is because of the lack of bottling plants owned by Dr Pepper.

The ingredients in the unique beverage are classified but the company is clear it is composed of a variety of fruit flavors, prunes not being one of them.

Dr Pepper Slogans:

1889 to 1914 : "King of Beverages"
1923 to 1950 : "Good for Life"
1926 to 1930's : "Drink a Bite to Eat at 10-2-4 O'Clock"
1950's : "The Friendly Pepper-Upper"
1960's : "The most misunderstood soft drink." "So Misunderstood"
1970's : "The most original soft drink ever."
1977 : "Be a pepper", "I'm a Pepper, You're a Pepper, Wouldn't You Like to Be a Pepper, Too?"
1980 : "Hold out for the out of the ordinary."
1980's: Just what the Dr. ordered!
1994 : "You're a part of me. I'm a part of you."
1997 : "Now's the Time. This is the Place", "Dr Pepper this is the Taste."
2001 : "Makes the World Taste Better." "Dr Pepper you make the world taste better."
2002 : "Be You."

--- J. Razimus Hughston
by J. Razimus Hughston January 23, 2006
it gets the taste of dick out of your mouth.
"Hey Lou, you seem like you are cool as shit."
"Thanks man, why dont you and your drunk friends go ahead and drive back to pensacola tonight, i wont stop you"
from the back...
"Hey jackhole, i hope that Dr. Pepper gest the taste of my dick out of your mouth"
Lou says
"Im going to go smoke a jo. You kids behave, and then im going to take a shit and play on Xanga.
by pacospelotas September 13, 2009
The greatest soft drink to have ever been created, made originally in Waco, Texas.

It is brilliant.
touch my Dr Pepper and risk castration...
by DrPirate July 04, 2005
The drink of the devil and all supporters.
Dr. Pepper contains 23 flavors. 2 divided by 3 equals .666.
by naughtynaughtyKOOL-AID April 20, 2007
the name of my vaginal physician.
mom!!! i need to make a friday appointment with dr. pepper!!!
by no hay problema February 29, 2004

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